Real Estate & Infrastructure
Global Alliance

The ‘Built Asset’

We define the ‘Built Asset’ as any tangible or real asset covering the real estate and infrastructure sectors, that is: constructed; developed; operated; maintained; traded or invested in.

Using this definition, we work with clients who have at the heart of their business a focus on these real assets (property, real estate or infrastructure). This means that they could be one of the following types of organisations:

  • Investment
  • This includes the related divisions within: Private Equity; Investment Management and Investment Banking.
  • Advisory & Consulting
  • Namely the sector focussed professional service and advisory organisations.
  • Development & Regeneration
  • Namely all those organisations who develop the various asset classes.
  • Agency & Brokerage
  • Covering all of the world’s agents and specialist brokers to the sector.
  • Public Interest
  • Primarily those departments within local and central government that have a remit for PPP & PFI.
  • Construction
  • Primarily those organisations operating in the Main Contractor and Housing sub-sectors.
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • The divisions within all large organisation that have a responsibility for the real estate aspects of their organisation.
  • Professional Services
  • Includes specialist: Facilities Management; Interiors; Outsourcing and Legal services organisations.

    Our Ethos and Ambition

    R.I.G.A. has the goal of maintaining its position as the leading specialist ‘built asset’ executive search organisation. With our focus on the core markets of real estate and infrastructure, we consider ourselves to be experts in each of the geographical markets we represent and continue to build our network of alliance partners to ensure increased geographical coverage.

    We believe that as each of our country leaders are personally invested in their market, usually through direct ownership of the firm they lead, and are long-term executive search specialists in the sector, that we should be the first choice for your specialist executive search needs.

    We believe that in the built asset sector we consistently outperform both: the larger, tier-one firms and local specialist boutique firms. As such, it is not hard to see that in an increasingly specialised, global candidate market-place, we provide the best of both: a core sector focus and a global network to deliver outstanding results.

    The Differences

    Large Global ‘Tier 1’ Executive Search

    As many of our alliance firms are led by ex-Tier 1 Partners, we believe we have a very good understanding of how these organisations operate. Indeed, the reason most left these larger more generalist teams to work for a smaller competitor, was to allow for both a greater specialisation and a greater ability to properly service clients.

    These large global generalist firms will be able to show you an apparently long track record across multiple jurisdictions but with little consistency of delivery (i.e. very few of these roles where actually delivered by the partner speaking with you or the research team who support them), they invariable start from scratch on most searches with a researcher who is doing this type of role for the first time.

    With industry standards suggesting that actual success rates (i.e. positions that result in the hiring of a shortlisted candidate) could be as low as 30%, it is no surprise that savvy buyers are moving to sector-focussed specialist executive search organisations.

    Smaller, local ‘boutique’ firms

    Some of these firms are excellent and have a fantastic local track record. They may claim to have multiple office locations but in reality most of these are nothing more than a ‘post box’ or someone on a: ‘pay-for-delivery’ associate contract.

    They will usually have a strong network of contacts within their own market but when challenged by ‘off-limits’ won’t have decent access to candidate networks outside of their country of operation.


    We believe that we have addressed both of the above shortcomings while maintaining the strengths of being specialised and boutique while accessing the increasing global nature of the candidate market-place.

    Our Background

    R.I.G.A. is a formal, contractual alliance of executive search organisations that specialise in providing services to clients who operate in and around the ‘built asset’. We were first established in 2008, however most of alliance partners were established many decades ago.

    Each individual alliance partner operation is managed by an in-country leader who is both a long term permanent native of the country they lead and an expert in the sector and client organisations that they support with executive search and advisory services.

    This fact leads us to believe that we have a far greater sector focus than the large international executive search organisations and have greater geographical coverage than the specialist boutique organisations who may consider themselves our competitors.

    We believe that this sector focus and the associated strong network of industry contacts is one of our core ‘unique selling points’ and should be a primary consideration for clients when considering choosing a R.I.G.A. organisation to represent them.