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PM (Property Management) Search

Strandvägen 5 b
114 51 Stockholm

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Ebba von Schwerin, Managing Partner

Phone +46 8 406 03 02
Mobile +46 70 751 09 01

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PM (Property Management) Search's Profile

PM (Property Management) Search is a leading Executive Search firm specialising in the Real Estate and Construction sectors in Sweden. We combine strong industry knowledge with superior quality and strong relationships.

PM (Property Management) Search was founded in 1996, has an extensive knowledge of the Swedish real estate and construction market and a unique network of candidates.

Utilising Executive Search as our primary method, regardless of level, enables a solid and unique ability to understand our client’s needs. The process is characterised by high discretion where a limited number of interesting candidates are contacted.

PM (Property Management) Search's Leadership Profiles

Ebba von Schwerin, Owner, Managing Partner

Ms von Schwerin has extensive experience in executive search and recruitment, in Sweden as well as internationally. In 2014 Ebba became the owner and Managing Partner of PM Search.

Ebba holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Ebba is certified in OPQ, Discus and Master Management.

Bengt Edgren, Senior Advisor

After 25 years in managerial positions in the real estate industry, Mr Edgren founded PM Search in 1996. He successfully managed the company for 17 years, gaining a unique insight of the real estate and construction industry in Sweden. As part of a succession plan, Mr Edgren has passed on the responsilbility to Ms von Schwerin, and now functions as a Senior Advisor to PM Search.

Bengt is authorized by ESK, the Swedish Association of Executive Search Consultants.